daw.com - December 8

It is my brother's birthday today and that is a reminder for me that the end of the semester is also coming to a close very quickly.  I am busy with report cards and comments still waiting on a few assignments and assessments to be completed before entering grades.  It really has been a fast semester and I have to tell you that in my experience, the second semester is even faster - drats!!!!

Our annual grade 5 Winterfest is next Thursday and everyone should have been contacted now about what to bring.  In case you have forgotten or maybe misplaced the email, here are the expectations.  IF your last name starts with the following letters, the request is beside it.  The food/drinks should be enough for about 10-12 people. Please remember we are feeding 10-12 year olds and that we would like to stay away from anything with nuts in it or prepared with a nut oil.
A-E - Breads and appetizers
F-K - Main courses
L-P - Vegetable, potato, rice pasta
Q-U - Dessert
V-Z - Drinks
After the activities in the morning, students will sit down to a delicious buffet style lunch.

We have been busy trying to complete our recent piece of writing - a report on an historical event.  For the most part I am quite pleased that the lessons I have taught about report writing over the last 6-8 weeks are starting to show in students writing.  One thing I did have to remind students of is that any writing they do from research must always be in their own words. There is an online system I can use that will let me know if a student has copied anything from a book, website, magazine or newspaper.  I should not have to use it with grade 5 students, but it is an important thing to learn early and how easily it is to check.

We will complete our current math unit on addition and subtraction of fractions next week - most likely on Wednesday.  I am really pushing the solving of word problems in multiple steps and seeing some nice results.  This is an ongoing math practice for my class.

A reminder that next Friday all students need to leave the school at 11:30.  There is nothing open or available for them after that so it should be time to go home.  For drivers, you will need to remind them of this.  Busses will run as normal, just earlier in the day.

We will also say goodbye and good luck to one of our own.  Chase is moving back to the USA over the winter break and while it is always hard to lose a member of the class, we all wish him the best of luck in his new adventure.  I do have a memory book for students to leave messages and notes for him.  This can also be an email so he can keep in touch with us.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know and I will gladly meet with you.