daw.com - January 19

Just a quick reminder that I will out of class next week from Monday to Wednesday.  I have a family event to attend to in Los Angeles. While I will be on my email, there will be a time delay in responding.

Also a reminder that report cards for the first semester are out now.  If you did not get yours please let the ES office know.

Our week looked at fighting diseases as part of our wellness unit.  We had a discussion about how we fight disease and how our body helps us with this.  It included getting shots to help with our immunity and also about eating properly, sleeping enough and exercising.  This will be a big theme in this unit as there is not a single piece that makes us healthy - it is a combination of things.  We move on to look at our image and what we think about it.

This week you should have got the latest writing assessment and Historical Evidence assessment.  If you have not seen these please ask your student about them. One was sent home on Wednesday and one today.

We are well along with our first Fantasy story which is titled A Day at the Beach.  The idea is that I have given the students the setting and they have to create a story around this setting.  It is a short story so we have started with the ending and are now crafting the rest of the story.  We should be finished later next week or early the week after.  Following this we will be creating a story as a class and individually based on The Hero's Journey which is a formula for writing fantasy writing.

Our math unit has looked at dividing and multiplying whole numbers by fractions.  The hardest concept here is that the answers are smaller than the original - yet when reasoned out, it should make perfect sense.  We have looked at a fractional set as well as the splitting of a whole number into fractional components.  We mostly use perfect fractions which are factors of the whole number to make learning easy and well understood.  We will move to more difficult factions later in the unit.

That is all for today, have a great weekend.  If there are any questions you have, please feel free to contact me and I will gladly set a time up to meet you.