daw.com - April 15

It is always great to start off with some really great news and the students have been buzzing about James joining us on Monday.  With only a short time left in the school year we will make him a part of the class and show him the ropes of ISB in our usual friendly and kind manner.  Something I am sure the students are up to.
I made a big error with Current Events last week.  Here is this weeks students and it is correct - I have confirmed with the students.
Tuesday - May
Wednesday - Eric
Thursday - Claire
Friday - Henry
As far as I know, Newsela is working as are the other three in the class email.  Also, since the Impact Unit is in full swing, it is really important that the students show how their choice shows an impact.

Next week is MAP testing on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning.  Please make sure all students are well rested and fed in the morning. While not big stakes tests for grades or assessment, they are something that if done with care, should accurately show growth over time.  This is what I am looking for from the students.  We will go over the instructions and practice tests on Monday.
Our Impact Unit looked at several key concepts this week.  First we took a look at the interconnectedness of some of the problems of the world and how solutions also have an impact.  I think the students were overwhelmed with how large a scale this really is.  Next we started to look at real life people who have made an impact and tried to use the 4D's to look at the impact they have made - Define, Develop, Deliver & Demonstrate. We used two different stories and next week we will continue with CNN Hero's and also others who have made a difference.
Next Friday is Earth Day and students are asked to wear their Earth Day shirts.  There are also some activities and actions we will look at next week related to Earth Day.

I have also been asked by the Spring Fair Games Committee to ask you to volunteer some time at the games booth for our class - The Small Bear Slide.  Spring fair this year is Saturday May 7th.  It is usually a great event for the students and families alike.
I am planning on taking the students to the cooking lab on Wednesday April 27th from 9:00-10:30 in the morning to cook up some Banana Bread and other delicious treats.  If anyone can help me I would be greatly appreciative.  It is our last time to complete our Fractions unit in math.
You might also want to mark April 27th off on your calendar as the Grade 6 Parents Transition meeting is that night.  More info to come later.  I am sure you can also look in the school blog for more info on this.
As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me and I will gladly set up a meeting with you.
Harold Daw