daw.com - Apr 24

Here are this weeks Current Events reporters;
Tuesday - Kevin
Wednesday - Elgin
Thursday - Jungle
Several big events are happening this week.  Tuesday is CASTA, Wednesday is our next day to go cooking and Thursday is Sports Day.
Celebrate and Share the Arts (CASTA) is a day when the Performing Arts, Visual Arts and our performance time is 11:50-12:10.  At this time I am not sure where it is but I will let students know through their planners.  Tuesday at 1:30 is the time of the Senior Parade that is the chance we have to celebrate this year's graduating class.
Wednesday we will go back into the cooking lab to bake banana bread with a recipe that still uses fraction amounts rather than ml.  This is a continuation of our fractions unit and using it in the real world.
Thursday is out annual sports day.  Providing the AQI is below all will go as usual.  If it is between 150 and 200 at 7:00am in the morning, then you will have your choice of sending your students or not.  The day will go as planned.  If the AQI is over 200 then the day will be postponed until May sometime.  Students will need a swimsuit for this day and clothes to run and play sports in.  A water bottle is also something that every student should have.
Students will have this this coming week to choose their IMPACT! project and start to plan it.  There is a specific process for this as we have done throughout the year and students will have to start to research the need and possible outcomes of their project.  This is phase one of the project.
There is no school on Friday or Monday giving everyone a 4 day weekend.  I hope you all enjoy it to the fullest.  It is the last one of the year before summer break.
As always, if you have any questions or concerns please let me know and I will gladly arrange a time when we can meet.
Harold Daw