daw.com - January 22

We seem to be back into the routine of learning and things are moving along quite well.  Here are next week's current events;
Tuesday - Claire
Wednesday - Henry
Thursday - Kevin
Friday - Elgin
I am quite please with the current events so far as students have really shown how their choice has an impact on the community.  This is a prime goal of this activity as we move closer and closer to our Impact unit.
I want to let everyone know that the class will be performing The Four Dragons on Feb 2 from 11:40-12:20 in the Theatre.  This is the culmination of their performing arts unit on Chinese Folktales.  As this is just before lunch, you might want to stay and have lunch with your student. I know they would really enjoy it.  As long as they are with their parents, they can also eat in the MS/HS cafeteria which I am positive will put a real smile on their face.  I do hope most of you can make it.
We have finished our Human Body rotations where the students had six activities ranging from learning about the various system of the body (digestive, nervous, circulatory, pulmonary & muscular) to dissecting a real heart and seeing how the lungs really inflate. It was a great experience for the students and now we continue on the learning for the unit.  I will be introducing the final project to them before we break for Chinese New Year.  This project is based on how to keep a system healthy and must include interaction with the audience.
We have started our newest math unit on Exponents and Negative numbers.  The family letter is attached to the bottom of this blog post.  This is a short unit and I expect to complete it prior to the break for Chinese New Year.
Next week we should complete our current novel - Sign of the Beaver and students will complete their first video blog post.  Watch for it on your student's blog.
I want to thank the three mom's who volunteered to help us cook next Wednesday. We will be baking Cinnamon Muffins and making fruit smoothies.  Should be a great time in the kitchen.
We also have our next China experience next week with 10 activities during the week.  These are organized by our experiential learning office and include Folk Dance, Tea Ceremony, Meditation, Calligraphy cooking Chinese food and Yoga.  I am sure the students will get a great deal out of it and I look forward to assistance from my students with the translation as most of the instructors will be Chinese.
That is all for this week.  If you have any questions or need to meet with me please drop me a line.  I will make the arrangements.
Harold Daw