daw.com - January 29

It is hard to believe that another month has roared by us but we are at the end of January and moving into February.  Here are the current event assignments for next week;
Tuesday - Jungle
Wednesday - Arianna
Thursday - HaeWon
Friday - Sveva
I am quite pleased with this program and really expect it to be a great lead in to our Imapct unit later this year.
Our wellness week activities went over amazing with the students.  We started the week with TaiChi and a Tea Ceremony, then went on to Cooking twice, Developing our own folk dances, and learning how to meditate and do Yoga.  Over all I would say that the experiences really enriched the students learning for the Human Body unit with a link to China.
Next week is the grade 5 performance and our class has been busy preparing for this.  The 5HD performance is on Tuesday January 2 from 11:40-12:20 in the Theatre.  I hope most of you can make it.  This is the only opportunity for grade 5 to show how they learn in Performing Arts class this year.
Next week we will also take part in the Chinese New Year celebrations here at ISB.  The entire afternoon on Friday is dedicated to the students taking part in celebrating this most important part of the calendar.  It all ends with a show put on by the Chinese Acrobats.  Promises to me a very good day.
In relation to this, if anyone is leaving early or taking a longer than expected holiday please let me know so I can plan accordingly.  I thank-you in advance for this.
Just before the holiday I expect to complete our Novel study with a Video Book Report and finish our first Speculative Fiction story.  We will also complete our math unit on Exponents and Negative Numbers.
Kind of short today but none the less important.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.  I will gladly set up a meeting with you.
Harold Daw