daw.com - December 4

To start this week off I have a request of my parents.  As the holiday approaches it has been my experience that some of you will leave early.  If this is the case could you please let me know as soon as possible.  There are lots of assessments happening the last week of school prior to Winter Break and I want all students to take them.  It is better than waiting three weeks and taking them after the break.  Thank-you in advance for this help.
This week's current events are as follows;
Tuesday - Jungle
Wednesday - Arianna
Thursday - HaeWon
Friday - Sveva
Please remember that the current events replaces the homework rather than being an add on.
This week will be the last week of homework for this year.  At this announcement the entire class erupted in a raucous cheer.  Of course, it did not take them long to notice that this is because when we return from Winter Break it is a new year - and homework will resume with a change to the weekly routine.  There will be no homework at all next week as my Christmas present to the class.
As I write this blog post most of my students have indicated that they have completed their science experiment.  It sounds like they all had a great time and a few discoveries were made along the way as well.  We have already started to create the tri-fold board and next Monday we start writing the Lab Report.  We will continue with our regular process of a first draft, one peer edit, one teacher edit and then final draft.  Students must bring their Science Experiment booklets next Monday to start the Lab Report.  This booklet is also part of the assessment as it reveals the process they were suppose to undergo to complete the project.
A quick recap of the current projects includes a realistic fiction writing piece, science lab on paper airplanes, novel study of Sign of the Beaver, continued work with suffixes and a look at word sums, a look at decimals relating to fractions also the addition of fractions, and finally a problem of equally dividing snacks up among a class.  As you can see, we are a busy community and one that is always learning.
Sometime this coming week you should get an email from our homeroom mom about the Winterfest.  This is an annual activity we do in grade 5 that involves three things.  The morning will have a time where students can participate in a number of activities, then there is a buffet lunch and finally a movie.  This all happens on Dec 17th and families have been assigned foods to supply for the buffet lunch and also asked to donate some cookies or cupcakes to decorate.  Every year the grade 5 students look forward to this event.  I also have a special activity for students on the last day prior to winter break.  A really nice way to wrap up a great semester.
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me and I will gladly set up a meeting with you.
Harold Daw