daw.com - December 11

Great news from the class - for the second year in a row 5HD won the World Air Toss championship.  The trophy is once again proudly displayed in the classroom with our name prominently displayed for all to see.  Congrats to the all the students - they did an amazing job.  I was also impressed with the sportsmanship they showed not only to the second place team but all the teams that were part of the competition.
This week's current events are as follows;
Tuesday - Sonya
Wednesday - Andrew
Thursday - Stephanie
We will forgo the Friday current events as we have a school assembly for the first part of the morning.  If students cannot get to Newsela then I have emailed them three other sites that might be of help.
This week we have to say goodbye to two of our classmates - Sonya and Sangwoo.  Sonya is returning to Korea and Sungwoo is moving to Germany.  I am sure I speak for the entire class in wishing them all the best in their new adventures.  We all hope they stay in touch with what is happening.  I have made up a memories book for each of them and students will leave messages and wishes.  I will make sure they get them prior to dismissal.
As my Christmas gift to the class, there will be no homework other than Current Events this coming week.
There is a lot happening next week so please take note.  On Monday we have the HS science students coming to review the student science fair experiments.  This is a great way for some interaction with the HS and ES as well as assisting my students with some (almost) peer to peer assessment.  Then on Tuesday is our Science Fair from 11:15-12:15.  You should have received your invitation today through the daily planner.  The goodbye counseling lesson for Sonya and Sangwoo is scheduled for Wednesday.  The ES counselors do an excellent job of this. Thursday is our annual Winterfest.  This is a time when there are fun activities, we watch a movie and then have a buffet lunch.  A really fun day for everyone.  Friday is a half day with students having a whole school assembly first thing in the morning and dismissal is at 11:30.
I expect to complete the current math unit on Fractions early next week and will be giving students the final assessment.  We then move on to a really short unit on data that will extend the work we have done with our Prove It unit on graphing and the collection of data.
One thing some of the students have indicated to me is a lack of things to do over the holiday.  With this in mind I have created two projects they can work on if they so desire.  They are attached to the end of this blog.  One is a calculation of the 12 Days of Christmas and the other is the Great Chocolate Caper.  Use as needed.
I want to take this time to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season.  It should be a time for family and celebration.  Take the time to do both so that when we return in January, everyone is re-energized and ready to go.
Harold Daw