daw.com - January 31

Dear Parents,

Each week there are students in charge of a current event. I have sent home a reminder with these students but I will also list them here.

Monday - Christoffer
Tuesday - Halle
Wednesday - Max
Thursday - Faven
Friday - Stephen

Here are some student friendly sites for Current Events.

Good News Daily
Science News for Kids
Time for Kids

This week is Stanford 10 week with all testing happening the first two hours of each morning. On top of this, grade 5 students also write the OLSAT test on Tuesday. All students in the school write the same tests at the same time and on the same day. There is no make-up time so it is important that students stay healthy and are in attendance every day next week.

There is no way to study for these tests as it is a general knowledge test that is normed across students of equal age. It is also important that you understand that these tests are not included on any grading done in the classroom. You will receive the results of the tests in about 8 weeks from the end of the sessions next Friday.

Students need to get a good sleep the night before and should eat a healthy and complete breakfast before coming to school. I would also like to ask that we take a good look at daily snack since I have noticed an increase in snacks like dried soups which are generally filled with sodium and MSG neither of which is too healthy. Please try to keep on top of this as it has long term positive effects.

This week also sees our schedule changed significantly. Art class and two PE classes have been canceled. There will only be three days of math and we will also complete our non-fiction projects and present this during this week. Chinese is one of the few classes that has not been affected and will still happen on Tues, Wed, and Thur. as per our regular schedule.

Last but not least, there will be no homework this coming week but I am asking that students stick with their reading for 20-30 minutes each night.

For our Civil War unit this week we will spend some time with all the other grade 5 classes learning how to march and drill as the soldiers did in boot camp during the start of the Civil War. Sometimes it is really neat to see what they look like as a large group - there are 207 student in total in grade 5.

I have asked each student to bring 12 lycee packets so we can make some Chinese Lanters for the new year festivities. I would like these here at school by Thursday please. If you find you have extras I can usually use them since a few will get lost between home and school. Thanks in advance for this.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Harold Daw