daw.com - April 27

Another great weak of learning and celebrating.  First off is the class presentation for CASTA this year.  Here is the video;

We had a great weak of a lot of things happening and now it is time for a bit of a break.  Remember there is no school on Monday or Tuesday as we celebrate May Day or Labor Day here in China.  We resume everything on Wednesday.

We have mostly completed our transformations unit with only the final assessment left and that is a performance assessment in the Science Lab.  It will be later in May.  It has been a great science unit and one that I am sure will start students on a life-long learning of Chemistry.

We also finished our current math unit and now we move on to the Coordinate Plane.  This is very important as it leads to all sorts of geometric learning later in Middle and High school.  It is not just plotting but also looking at the movement of shapes and lines with basic formulas.  There are also a lot of neat problems associated with this unit we will do in class.

Our last inquiry unit of the year is Trace and Commerce.  We will start with a game simulation of trading.  The game, called Settlers of Catan, is a great way for students to begin to see that our entire way of life us based on a trade economy.  I am sure you are going to hear about this around the dinner table once we get going.  There is also a reflection to do both halfway and at the end of the unit.

With such a short week, there is not much extra happening next week.  We have moved around several of our lessons to accomodate the short week but over all, we move on from where we left off.
Have a great weekend and enjoy the 4 day break.