daw.com - March 12

Just a quick reminder to start off that this week is a four day week - there is no school on Friday.  It is a professional day where teachers will be working with a writing specialist.

We move on to a couple of new things this week having completed two units of study.  Our first new unit is on Transformations.  This is where we will look at matter, its properties, changes and workings in the world.  It is an introductory unit to chemistry.  On Friday Mr. Watson showed the students some things that can happen with liquid nitrogen and the chemical and physical changes that happen.

We also move on to Literary Essays as our next writing unit.  Her we will look at various texts and learn how to develop a thesis and write about it based on the text of study.  By the end of the unit students will be writing their own literary essays based on topics and ideas that inspire them from the texts.

We spent a lesson in the Design Lab this week looking back at our Biomimicry unit.  Students looked at, theorized, designed and built a claw based on natural designs in nature.  It was quite fun and some interesting learning from it occurred.  Some of the students will need to use this lab as they prepare their Genius Hour projects over the next two months.

We also did an experiment with M&M's dissolving in water.  The purpose of this was to see that you need a well developed question to have an experiment or else there is no purpose to the experiment.  Students will use this as they prepare and design their own experiments in the up coming weeks.
The conclusion to our math unit will be this week with a final assessment on Wed or Thurs.  Our next unit is on Area and Volume.

Please remember to sign up for Student Led conferences when they open up.  The dates are March 26-27th.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.