daw.com - October 13

Friday the 13th - is this an omen or what.  If it is, then I am positive it is a positive one. We have had an amazing week of learning that continues to show just how much we can move in one week.
This week started with a new math unit (multiplication and division of decimals), a new unit of inquiry (Innovations Through Nature - Biomimicry) and a new writing unit (Non-Fiction Articles).  We have laid the foundations for all three and are on the move to more and impressive learning in all three areas.  While not a new unit, our book clubs takes on a new book and genre as well (Pedro's Journal - Historical Fiction).

The new reading book is about a cabin boy to Christopher Columbus.  It takes place during the initial voyage of Captain Columbus to the new world.  Pedro is the boy who is assigned to Christopher Columbus to take on the duties of journaling, time keeper and chart keeper.  As an educated boy, and this was a rare skill back in these days, the book is written through his lends of history.  We do spend a lot of time with the historical aspect of the story so the students will have some background to what they are reading.

Our Innovations Through Nature is a unit we we look at how nature has inspired us to invent new and more sustainable products and structures.  We spent this week looking at what is nature and how nature has already helped us.  we are keeping an Inquiry Journal for our work for this unit.  As we move along we will spend a lot of time look at the innovations that have come about as a result of studying nature.

Our Non-Fiction article work is going to use the inquiry unit as its basis for topics.  We will look at how to research for this kind of article and if the internet works for us, all this will be published on a website of the students design.  We will also look at how to properly research both in documents and books as well as the internet.

It is important that everyone keep reading at home each night.  No time on his, just a time set aside to read is all that is needed.  Please continue to help your student make this a reality.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.  I will gladly set a time aside to meet with you.