daw.com - August 18

This has been an amazing week and a great start to the year.  The students and I have really taken the time to get to know each other and I feel like I know them so much better than when I started the week.  You have an amazing student and I am so glad they are in my room.

We spent a lot of time this week with two activities - creating a learning community and thinking about our learning.  We wrote two pieces, both published, spent some time creating icons that represent us (these are now on student lockers), learning more about our base 10 system, working through some math puzzles, doing our first open ended math problem, reading for enjoyment and also for comprehension, preparing our technology for use this year and just doing the things that we need to really make this a great year.

Students have now met all their specialist teachers and I have placed a link to their blogs at the top of the blog page.  There are still a few I need to get but I will work on this over the weekend in an attempt to get them all up for you.

Just a couple of housekeeping items to finish this week off.  Please look at and sign the daily planner Monday to Thursday.  This will help you get to know what is going on in the classroom.   Secondly, if you and your student have not signed and returned the Responsible Use Agreement for Technology please see to this as quickly as possible.  Mark on your calendars August 31 in the evening as this is Back to School Night.  I look forward to seeing all of you to update you on the progress of the class.
Next week there will be no homework sent home. I spend the first week doing the homework in class so I can see the students work on it and also so they get to know my expectations.  Regular homework will commence the following week.

I have had several parents ask me about music classes after school. If you are interested in Band, Orchestra (Violin, Cello etc) or Choir, please contact Mrs. Campbell in the Fine Arts department.  She has all the information.

ASA sign up is not for another week.  Look for an announcement from the activities office about this later next week.

I think that sums it up for this week.  As I always end, please let me know if you have any questions.  I will be more than willing to set a time up for us to meet.