daw.com - March 25

A very big thank-you for your attendance and observations at the Student Led Conferences.  These are a great way to celebrate all the learning that your student has been involved with this past year with the Learning 21 concepts as a guide.  While this is over now, it does not mean you have to stop.  It is always a great idea to ask what you student is learning and what have learned about their own learning style.  We call this a metacognitive process.
Here are next week's current events;
Tuesday - Angel
Wednesday - Siwoo
Thursday - Brandon
Friday - Oscar
This is the last week for our human body unit and it will primarily look at the digestion system and the foods we eat.  The nutrition part of this unit is a good start for students to look at what foods are made of and why certain foods are needed for our wellness and health.
Students will also be completing their last Fantasy story.  First drafts are already in but their is further work needed in editing and revising before they can be published.  I have read all the stories and so far they are both more interesting and better written than previously.  This is what I am looking for as it takes practice to become a good writer.  This will end our Fantasy unit.
We will also complete this round of book clubs where students choose books from lists I present to them.  As a group they come up with the routine they will follow and then for each day of the meeting they need to complete a thinkmark, summary and questions all of which will be discussed in the book talk.  We will resume this after the Spring Break.
Our math unit has moved on from volume of 3D objects to a look at how liquid volume relates.  There are some investigations we will do that will allow students to better understand how liters and cubic centimeters are linked.  Might be a part of a home conversation this week some time.
If you are planning on leaving early for Spring Break, please send me an email so that I can plan accordingly.  Also, it is important that all work is completed prior to the student leaving. I thank-you in advance for this.
Have a wonderful break and I look forward to seeing everyone again after the holiday.
Harold Daw