daw.com - November 26

Here are this weeks Current Events reporters;
Tuesday - Leo
Wednesday - Cici
Thursday - Ada
Friday - Angel
Just a reminder that the Current Events are part of our morning meeting routine as they are one way we share in the morning.  Students should report on things happening around the world and include all the information they need so that the rest of the class will understand.  They also for part of our Impact Unit at the end of the year.
We have completed module 2 of math and started module 3 - Addition and Subtraction of Fractions.  You can find the parent letter for this here. It is not a long unit and we will finish before the winter break.
Next Thursday we are in the school kitchen cooking using fractions.  I want to thank the parents who volunteered to help for this.  It is always a highlight for the students.  Look for pics on next weeks blog.
We will complete our first piece of fiction writing this week.  Students are just about completed their first draft then it is revisions and edits ending with a final draft.  After I have assessed them, I will be sure to send it home in the Monday Folders.
We had a discussion this past week about proper digital behaviors.  It has come to our attention that many students at ISB are part of WeChat groups that are using inappropriate language, bullying others and various other nefarious activities.  One thing I pointed out to the students is that to use this site they needed to obtain written consent from parents.  This is clearly documented in the User Agreement for PRC.  You can find this here for your information. The legal age for users of WeChat here in China is 18.
This week students will start their Science Fair project.  This is an investigation of a science principle from questions the student asks.  It needs to include three questions all related to the idea.  Here is an example;
Science Principle - solids dissolving in liquids
Question 1 - What happens when sugar is dissolved in water, vinegar and coca-cola?
Question 2 - Does temperature affect the dissolving of sugar in water, vinegar and coca-cola?
Question 3 - Is there a difference in dissolving crystal and powder sugar in water, vinegar and coca-cola.
Each of these investigations is then carried out and students will keep track of the results they gather by drawing models, using charts and completing graphs.  Finally they will prepare a display of their work for the science fair on Dec 14th.  All of the investigations will be homework starting later this coming week and being completed by Dec 8th.

Tuesday is the annual Grade 5 Performing Arts performance.  It is in the theatre at 8:30 am for those of you that can make it.  It is a story that we did in class about an explorer from the 14th century - Ibn Batutta. Students will do all sorts of things for this performance and it will include all grade 5 students.
Once again I would like to ask you to let me know if you plan on leaving early for Christmas.  With all the celebrations of the semester as well as the ending of our science unit, I really need to know so that students can be kept on track.  Thank- you in advance for this. 
As always, if you have any questions or concerns please let me know and I will gladly set a time up for us to meet.
Harold Daw