daw.com - September 10

It is hard to believe but the first month of school is almost over and we have already done so much.  If time keeps up in this fashion, it will soon be time to look at winter break.
Please remember that this coming week is a three day week.  Thursday and Friday are national holidays.
This coming week is the start of the first session of ASA.  I have posted a listing in the classroom but it would be a good idea for you to go over this with your student as well so they know the where and when plus travel home after the program is over.
It is also spirit week.  Monday is house colors with an assembly last period of the day to celebrate this.  All students were given their house color shirts on Friday and need to wear them on Monday.  Tuesday is twins, triplets or groups day where students can band together and plan to wear the same clothes or outfits.  Accessorize as needed.  Wednesday is dress up as you favorite character from a book, TV show or movie.  Lots of opportunity here to show school spirit and have fun at the same time.
We are also well planned for our trip to Singing Deer Lodge on Sept Sept 21-23.  The students picked their cabin groups earlier in the week, we have been meeting regularly ti plan and implement the activities, the admin team has prepared the specialist teachers to come with us and SDL is ready and waiting.  It should be a fun three days.  I would like to remind everyone as they plan for this to make sure there are no nut or nut product foods brought on the camp.  This includes snacks as well as meals.  We want everyone to have a safe and fun time at camp.
This coming week will see the start of the current events in the class.  Each night, from Monday to Thursday, one student will come home with their current event booklet.  They need to select an event that is fairly current, usually I say within the last 18 months or so, and report out on it.  They will then present it to the class next day.  The current events is in place of the homework for that night.
Given the short week this week there will only be two nights of homework.  This is also the last week that we mark this in class.  By now students should have an excellent understanding of my expectations.  They will hand it in every morning and I will have it back to them by the end of the day marked.
Our unit on Explorers and Exploration is well underway with a look at Google Earth, Age of Exploration posters, Pedro's Journal and some work on reading up on people who are explorers in today's world.  Once back from out camp outing, we will really pick up the pace on this.
I am hoping that everyone is reading every night of the week and logging it in their reading log.  As I begin to prepare for the first reporting period, I will be conferencing with all the students and one of the subjects will be their home reading program.  Remember that on every Wednesday, parents should sign the reading log.
As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.  I will set up a time we can meet.
Harold Daw