daw.com - February 19

This week we celebrated No Name Calling Week as part of our continual learning about Bullying and the effects it has on others.  Out outcome was two graffiti walls as seen in these pictures.  Both represent a discussion in class and then the classes interpretation of what they learned.  We also did our weekly Say Something Nice on Wednesday to coincide with NNCW.
Here are next week's Current Events assignments;
Tuesday - Tiana
Wednesday - Maxcim
Thursday - Harry
Friday - Jovan
We continue to use these talks by the students to look at how much impact there is on our community with the event.  This will lead us into our Impact unit after the Spring break.
Next week will see us continue with our Speculative Fiction story.  Students have done a first draft and revisions with their peers.  I then did some edits with them and now it is time to complete a final draft.  While writing still remains an area of concern in my classroom, I am seeing good growth by doing these writing assignments.  We will continue with them for the rest of the school year to continue with the growth I am already seeing.
We have started our final project for the Human Body unit.  Students have selected a body system and researched the parts and pieces of the system.  Next up is to look at some of the diseases and problems associated with this system.  After that they look at how to keep the system healthy.  They will write a report on these areas.  The presentation they make has to involve the audience so it is interactive.  We will cover this in more depth later in the process.
We are also in process for the Student-Led conferences which are held the week right after Spring Break.  We are looking at the 5 areas of the ISB Learning 21 wheel as it affects each student to show understanding, growth and areas of continued work.  Combined with this is the Student as a Learner which for this report card will be generated 50-50 by the student and myself.  Look for more on this as the quarter continues.
This is a reminder that the annual book fair is next Thursday and Friday.  I will let students know through their planners when we will attend in case any of them want to purchase books to read.
As always, if you have concerns or questions, please feel free to contact me.
Harold Daw