daw.com - Aug 7

All the introductions are done and the first day jitters are now a thing of the past. We are well underway and moving forward to what will inevitably be a magnificent year.

This blog will be the place for the weekly news and information regarding everything that is grade 5 oriented to 5HD (also known as daw.com). Here I will post what we have done and will be doing, upcoming school events, things I think students should be a part of here at ISB and general knowledge regarding your grade 5 student. I will also attach articles and other documents that will make understanding what is going on much easier. To read these documents you will have to have a PDF reader on your device/computer. Depending on the kind of device you have, the reader will vary significantly so please look into this right away. A good starting place is Adobe Acrobat Reader (click here).

I am planning on some really invigorating events throughout the year so please stay connected by bookmarking this page. I usually complete the weekly blog on Friday or Saturday.

 If at any time you have a question or concern, please contact me and we will set up some times to meet. Harold Daw