daw.com - May 29

​I hope everyone had a chance to come and see the classes production of Monkey King.  It was amazing and the students were right on the ball with the entire piece.  I was so impressed with them - it just reinforced how they have acted and learned this whole year.  What a way to come to the end of the year.
I have put a class presentation of pictures together and also a class video.  It is of many of the events and opportunities throughout the past year.  There is no way for me to send this to you as they are 600MB and 2GB respectively.  If you would like a copy send a USB with your student and I will gladly make a copy for you and send it home.  My gift as a reminder to all my class and parents.

We started our planning for Brunch on June 8th.  I am sure some of your students willbe asking you for recipes and advice on the dishes they want to prepare.  I have made it clear that they cannot bring a prepared dish from home.  I want them to prepare it in the kitchen on June 8th.  I should have a complete menu by Wednesday of next week.  I am making sure there is food for everyone and have tried very hard to take into comsideration allergies.  Please assist your students as they come to you with requests and questions.
The Crypto competition is over and I am pleased to announce that Junyeong was 1st, Mayah was second, Michael 3rd and Julie 4th.  Everyone had a great time and I was pleased with the math that I saw during the competition.  Prizes were handed out to everyone prior to dismissal.
This is the last week of Homework.  It will be due on Friday as normal and I will have it returned with the Monday folder on June 8th.
There has been a slight change of time for the Impact Fair on Thursday as it was unsure if we could actually get it everyone in with the original time.  I will give the exact time and room number to each student on Monday.  I hope you can all make it.  Last big presentation of the year.
The year end party will be in the afternoon of June 9th.  Students will have yearbooks to get autographs, recieve their moving on shirts and also their certificate.  With the exception of the shirt, everything will go home at that time.  Speaking of things going home, I will be starting to send home class collections this coming week.  I have also asked all students to clean out their locker and outboxes and keep them cleaned out so that they do not have an excessive amount of things to take home the last week.
Summer reading is a must.  I have mentioned several times in this blog and all year in

my class that reading is not something that is either homework or should be considered as anything other than a life long skill.  This means that it must be continued throughout the summer.  We will get to the MS library on June 5th so that students who are returning to ISB next year can sign out some books for the summer.  I will have reading lists emailed to all parents this week.  Please find the time as often as possible to have your student read both silently and out load as this improves fluency and understanding.  While summer break is soothing for soul, reading is soothing to the brain and is very helpful to continue learning.
As always, if there are questions please let me know.
Harold Daw