daw.com - May 18

We had another great week of learning this past week as we move towards completing the grade 5 year.  All students have now completed their research and this week we will work on the first draft of the report.  We have been busy learning about paraphrasing and report writing in preparation for this week.

Our next unit in Math is on Geometry and Volume.  We will learn about the various forms of 3-dimensional geometry as well as look at ratios of circumference to diameter of circles.  Curves and circles are always interesting to learn about as they form a whole section of geometric learning.  We will also continue with coordinate graphing as students learn to graph the results of equations.  The final assessment for Unit 9 will be in this week’s Monday folders.  As I have done all year, please sign it and return by Wednesday.

I have some dates and times for you to put on you calendar.  Parents are invited for all these culminating events.
May 28th – 5HD performs Monkey King in the theatre at 1:10-1:50
June 4th – Impact Fair in the grade 5 rooms 10:10-11:35
June 8th – poetry Café from 9:00-9:45 in the classroom
I hope to see as many of you as possible at these events.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Some of the groups for the Impact Fair have been moving quite well.  Not surprisingly, some have found it more difficult as they are turned down at outside agencies and have to regroup and rethink their projects.  The process is quite educational for the students and they are working through some of the obstacles that are coming up to the best of their abilities.

This week the forms for Grade 6 electives come home.  They need to be completed and returned by May 25th please.  If you have any questions it would be best to contact the MS office and talk with one of the counselors.  Ms. Bertha Knox has been assigned to our room and can answer your questions much better that I will be able to.

Homework returns to normal for the next three weeks now that the research for the report has finished.  Please offer any assistance you can to help students continue with the work assigned as we reach for the end of the school year. I know at this time of the year it gets harder for students to remain focused but it is important as there are plenty of things to finish off the learning for this year.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Harold Daw