daw.com - April 11

These weeks are flying by far too fast.  I guess when there is so much to do and lots of intersting events, time escapes us all - including 5HD.
The students were quick to find that I made a mistake with last week's math problem solving homework.  I accidently printed the answer sheets.  What I hope happened is that students still took a look at the problem and learned from it.  I have double checked this coming weeks problems to make sure the same mistake is not duplicated.
Our Impact unit is in full swing and we continue to look at others and how they have made an impact in the world.  Each day next week there is an in class assignment based on a reading from the night before.  I have attached all the readings to the homework booklet.  Students can use this reading as part of their nightly reading time.  In class we will look at the idea, investigation, planning, action plan and evaluation of the service projects undertaken by these individuals.
IMG_1728.JPGOur last study of the Human Body begins this week with a look at Puberty in both boys and girls.  We will look at the physical, emotional and social changes happening as these students grow up to become young men and women.  Students will have three methods to have their questions aswered - in class, through an anonymous ​question box and also with you at home.  Please help where you feel you are comfortable and can.
Students have an opportunity this week to view Peking Opera both from behind the scenes as the actors dress and prepare their make-up and also in the form of a special performance for grade 5.  After this one of the actors will come to the classroom to answer questions about Peking Opera.  Lastly their is a specialis in Peking Opera that all students will work with during their Performing Arts classes.  Mrs. Winkelman has done an excellet job of preparing this opportunity for our class and we thank her greatly.
This week's MAP test is reading.  It will be on Friday morning.  Students did a great job on the Language part last week so I expect they will do the same this week.

We continue to work on our Human Body Reports, essays, book clubs and fractions andratios this week.  It is taking longer to complete the written pieces but I want to make sure that the final products reflect the process they have gone through so I feel the extra time is well worth it.
As always, if you have any questions or need to mee with me, please feel free to contact me.
Harold Daw