daw.com - March 29

IMG_1685.JPGI hope everyone had a great break and with the nice weather returning, spent some time outside.  This coming week is a short with with three days of school.  Then it is Student-Led conferences and into a long weekend with only 4 days of school the following week.  Seems like time is really passing quickly.
On Thursday, April 2, and Friday, April 3, you will have an opportunity to participate in a conference led by your student.  These student-led conferences reflect the ISB Student as a Learner profile of “Takes Personal Responsibility.”  Your child will have an opportunity to be an active participant in reviewing and reflecting on his/her own learning.  Accountability and responsibility are built into the reflection process.  We have structured the conference, and have offered positive and practical support, making it possible for your child to assume leadership during the conference.  If, after the student-led conference you still have specific questions or concerns that you wish to address, simply let me know.  This conference is not meant to be a progress report, but an opportunity for your child to share with you the successes and challenges of his/her learning.
Here is what you can expect at your child’s student-led conference:
  • Your child will be in charge of the conference.  He/she will have planned specific areas to share, and will have had time to rehearse them.  Please allow your child the opportunity to share their plan. 
  • You will be shown a portfolio, reflections both electronic and on paper, and learn a little more about the class and your child’s part in it.
  • Several children will be conducting conferences in the classroom at the same time.
  • Your child may be unsure of your reactions to his/her presentation.  Please provide encouragement and feedback as your child proceeds with the conference.  Ask questions to clarify, but please try not to control or direct the conference.  Suggested questions are attached to this letter.
  • I will stop by your child’s conference for a few minutes and participate in the sharing.
  • Above all, expect your child to share his/her strengths, successes, strengths and areas of challenge.
We had a great week before spring break learning WUSHU, Chinese Traditional Medicine and performing the music learned from the two specialists visiting ISB.  Students also completed their Human Body presentations and Math Unit 7. I have uploaded all the pictures to my FLICKR account which is here.
DSC_0214.JPGThis coming week will see students tart their next writing piece, start Unit 8 (Fractions and Ratios) and start the writing of a report.  The parent letter for unit 8 is attached to this blog post. We will also continue with our next essays from current events.  Since it is such a short week, all of this will spill over to next week.
I want to remind everyone that the Parent Meeting regarding our Pueberty Week will be on April 8 at 8:30 in the ES Cafeteria.  I hope you can all make it. If this time is not convenient please feel free to send questions to me.  We have scheduled Pueberty Week for the following week - April 13-17.
We also start our second session of MAP testing next week and this will take place over three weeks with the same tests as the fall sessions.  
Our next unit is called Impact in which students will first learn how others have made an impact in the world.  The student groups will design an life changing impact to take place within our community.  We will wind this up with an Impact fair towards the end of the school year.
As always, if there are any questions please feel free to contact me.
Harold Daw