daw.com - May 30

Dear Parents,

Each week there are students in charge of a current event. I have sent home a reminder with these students but I will also list them here.

Monday - Simon
Tuesday - Pablo
Wednesday - Kaori
Thursday - Maxwell
Friday - Norika

Here are some student friendly sites for Current Events.

Good News Daily
Science News for Kids
Time for Kids

I want to give a big THANK-YOU to all the parents who volunteered for the Hong Kong walkabout last Tuesday. It was a great success due to the volunteering of your time. I offer this on behalf of all my students who also had a great time.

Here is a list of events coming up in the next two weeks. Some of these are strictly for your information, others may require your attendance.

May 31 - class variables Olympics - all projects due, blogs must be complete.
May 31 - Visit by astronaut
June 1 - Grade 5 Variables Olympics finals. One from each category from our class will compete.
June 2 - Human Growth and Development unit begins.
June 3 - Peer Helpers pizza lunch (just Christos and Claire)
June 3 - Music rehearsal for entire class - year end assembly song
June 3 - Lit Circle #3 - all reading up to required chapters need to be completed
June 4 - Grade 5 Fling at the Aberdeen Marina Club
June 7 - Class pizza lunch
June 8 - Poetry Cafe, Year End Awards Ceremony (I think this is also Yearbook Day)
June 9 - All final class materials will come home
June 9 - Final Lit Circle - book needs to be completed by this date.
June 10 - Half day - dismissal is at 11:30 - report cards are carried home

We are coming to the end of our first part for the Variables unit. Students should now have completed their project, written it up on their blog and be ready to compete on Monday. One student from each category will go on to represent 5C1 in the grade Olympics on Tuesday. Lots of fun.

We are fortunate to have an astronaut from the American Space program visit us for a talk on Monday. It will be interesting to hear his views on the program and his background in becoming an astronaut. These are usually highly intelligent and motivated people who have undergone an amazing training program to get to where they are.

We are in the midst of two projects at the moment, both of which I expect to culminate this week. The car construction project for our variables unit and the Hong Kong Walkabout photo essay project. Both promise to have some interesting outcomes. I will have these on display at our Poetry Cafe on the 8th of June.

I want to thank all of you for assisting me in getting all the students library materials back. I have been told by Mrs. Robinson that 5C1 is clear so that is one thing to cross of the end of year list. With the library undergoing major renovations this summer I am also sure it is a relief to Mrs. Robinson.

Wednesday is our Human Growth and Development unit. Students will be grouped by gender and shown two instructional videos on the material. They will write down questions they have on index cards anonymously and then in the afternoon, Dr. Kelsh will answer the boys questions and Yvonne our school nurse will answer the girls questions. It is a perfect time to introduce this unit as it is a yearly health unit in middle school.

This week students have assigned reading to do at home as part of their daily reading. I cannot offer them school time to read their Literature Circle books in time to have their meeting on Thursday afternoon. All students took home their books on Friday with the assigned chapters so they should know what to do.

On Monday you will receive and keep the Monday Folders - no need to return them anymore. From now on as I get work marked I will send it home in students homework folders to keep you up-to-date with your students progress and assessments.

As we head to the end of the year, please let me know if you need to meet with me and I will send out some times. If you are leaving early please let me know ASAP so I can have all the report cards and materials ready to go home on time. Thank-you to all who have already informed me.


Harold Daw