daw.com - Novermber 29

Dear Parents,

Each week there are students in charge of a current event. I have sent home a reminder with these students but I will also list them here.

Monday - Pablo
Tuesday - Norika
Wednesday - day 2, no current events
Thursday - Sabrina
Friday - Christos

Here are some student friendly sites for Current Events.

Good News Daily
Science News for Kids
Time for Kids

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend and that all our tummies are now full of those things that help us celebrate this special time of year. We had a Thanksgiving chapel with the whole school last Wednesday where many reasons for the holiday were explored.

This week is two big events happening. The first of these is the annual PFO book fair. The PFO and several professional book companies will have their wares set up in the library for both display and purchase. Our class day is Wednesday so if students want to bring some money to purchase books on this day they can. I have no way to predict what books cost as it varies quite a bit among retailers and the PFO. The amount depends on the kinds of books being purchased. Hard cover books are more expensive than soft cover books.

The second event will happen toward the end of the week with the annual SinoLink school visit from Schenzen, China. I believe I will have three students from the school attending on Friday with their sponsors from my room. It is a great way for students to interact with others from our neighbor China. there will also be special activities during the week to make the UPS students more aware of the Chinese culture and language. Should be a fun week.

The last two of the pollution experiments will be completed this week. The students spent last week looking at hard water and the pH of liquids. They then determined how this affects pollution and themselves. Some interesting conclusions were drawn. We will complete this on our Pollution Blogs this week.

For reading this week we will start our second book talks. This time they will be in the form of a Podcast which is a sound file of the students talking about a book. No video, just a voice file. I have an MP3 recorder in my room to help them with this. Watch for them starting to show up on their reading blogs prior to the Christmas holidays.

There are two concerts this week that involve students from the class. The band concert on Tuesday and the Strings concert on Wednesday. If you have some time to come and support our budding musicians, I know they will greatly appreciate it.

Since students will have special guests with them on Friday we will not have a Vocab Test this week. Students will have their regular vocab homework, but no test. This is different that what is on their homework organizer as I was not aware of this when I made up the sheet. I will remind student on Monday and again on Thursday.

We will complete another blog post on our learning blogs this week. It will be on the last unit of math which was on Division. Some students have already started this and one or two may have completed it. IF you need to get to the class list of blogs click here.

This weeks pictures are from our Aberdeen Field day on Nov.18. Hope you enjoy them.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Harold Daw